School of Public Administration and Management

  • Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Master of Health Systems Management (MHSM)
  • Master of Science in Health Monitoring and Evaluation (MSc. HM&E)
  • Master of Science in Local Government Management (MSc. LGM)
  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSc. HRM)
  • Master of Leadership and Management (MLM)
  • Master of Research and Public Policy (MRPP)
  • Master of Business Administration in Health Management (MBAHM)
  • Bachelor of Human Resources Management (BHRM)
  • Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)
  • Bachelor of Public Administration-Records and Archives Management (BPA-RAM)
  • Bachelor of Local Government Management (BLGM)
  • Bachelor of Health Systems Management (BHSM)
  • Certificate in Local Governament Management (CLGM)



  • For further information contact:
    Mzumbe University
    Directorate of Library and Technical Services
    P.O. Box 4 Mzumbe – Tanzania
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